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Integi strengthens its presence in the international market

Our presence in the international market is a reality for many years. In our forty years of path, we have not stopped looking for new markets, being the export a strategic axis of our company. It has allowed us to reinforce us as a company and to improve our service, among others, supporting enough stock to fulfill our customers’ orders in order to be delivered within a few hours.

Our distribution network stretches across all five continents. We have over twenty representatives in Europe, being France and Germany the countries with major reinforcement. We are in the fastest-growing markets that arose after the economic takeoff of Japan (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea), also with presence in Malaysia, Israel and China. Brazil, Canada, Egypt, South Africa and Australia complete our distribution network.  

We continue actively diversifying in order to consolidate new commercial relations through a strong presence at international fairs, as the AMB exhibition in Stuttgart in which most recently we have taken part. We had the opportunity to strengthen our clients’ relationships and to find new niches of market, which encourages us to continue working hard.

Though, at the moment, we cannot give any more details, shortly we will be in conditions to extend our distribution network. We’ll keep you posted.

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