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Safety Advices

All the INTEGI tools that are shown on this webpage must be used in a proper manner in order to get a correct result on the workpieces as well as to avoid any possible personal injuriy. Knurls, as parts that plunge into workpieces, are manufactured in special-alloy HSS and heat-treated to confer them the necessary hardness and resilience to carry out the duties they have been designed for. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, chips can be tossed away at high speeds and, on occasions, very hot and may cause wounds if they impact against eyes or the skin.


Safety advices:

1. Always use the tools in lathes that comply with all the rules and regulations in force regarding to workplace risk prevention.


2. Knurling operations usually cause sharp and occassionally hot chips that have never be removed bare-handed.


3. Chip removal, as well as knurl, axle,... substitutions must always be done keeping the turned off.


4. Never use compressed air for cleaning the knurling tool. Use brushes and protect you eyes with safety glasses. In any case, the machine must be turned off.


5. When getting ready the machine for the job, distance between the knurl and the clamp must be as short as possible in order to minimize vibrations and fractures.


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